Stay here!

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Experience the midnight sun!

- In summer, the sun never sets

Spectacular scenery!

It is more than the trip up

that makes you catch your breath

Say hello to the neighborhood!

– The Lofoten aquarium is close by

Magical winter time!

- Let the Northern Lights seduce you

Before the storm

The Sound of Silence

Get close to nature

– Experience the archipelago from kayak

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Spend your holidays in beautiful Henningsvær

Choose from newly upgraded two-, four- or seven-bed apartments right in the heart of Henningsvær.

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Henningsvær is closer than you think

Henningsvær is located only 24 km from the small airport in Lofotens central town Svolvær. Svolvær is also port of call for the express boat from Narvik and Bodø, and Hurtigruta arrives daily at the north-and southbound route. There is bus service from Svolvær to Evenes Airport (Harstad) and from Henningsvær to Svolvær. You can also rent a car at the airports of Svolvær and Evenes airport.

Henningsvær also offers

  • Kayaking: Experience the amazing archipelago in a kayak. It is not possible to get closer to nature.
  • Cycling: Leave your car and discover Henningsvær by bicycle. Stop at a cafe, have an ice cream.
  • Fishing: Tobiasbrygga has all the facilities for processing fish, freezers, rooms for storage of equipment and clothing.



Book apartment!

Spend your holidays in beautiful Henningsvær

Choose from two-, four- or seven-bed apartments right in the center of the Village.
Book apartment!
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